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AIBAR Selection


Secure Virtual POS

The payment system with Virtual POS is made with a bank card. Most cards used at European level are accepted, such as Visa, MasterCard, etc.

We recommend this payment system as it is verified in real time and once the transaction is authorized, the preparation and shipment is carried out without the need for any further action.

Once the purchase is confirmed, a new window will open with the Redsys payment gateway where the following data must be entered:

Card number, Expiration date in MM / YY format, Cardholder name and CVC2 code. The CVC2 code is the last 3 numbers on the back of the card just below the magnetic stripe.

Once the data has been confirmed, a new window of our bank will appear where we will be asked to enter a random code for the personal key card used to carry out online banking transactions.

Once the code has been verified, the system will give us a purchase confirmation message with an authorization code that, if they wish, they can print as proof of payment.

Wire transfer

Once the purchase is confirmed, they must make a bank transfer or deposit into the account indicated below:

Ibercaja, Account number: ES5220851019130330324776, IBAN: ES5220851019130330324776, BIC code: CAZRES2Z, Beneficiary: Ángela Rodrigo Aibar and indicate the order number as a concept.

Usually, transfers between Spanish entities take between 24 and 48 hours to be reflected in the account, excluding holidays and weekends. If within 5 days we have not received the payment and we have no news from the buyer, we will proceed to cancel the order.

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